About Us

About Us
Greeting From President of CWA

Cambodia has been facing water supply issues over decades. Many people do not have access to clean piped water particularly population in rural areas which share a large proportion of about 70% of total population. As a result, there are various eects on population’s health, household’s economic status, and hygiene practices due to lack of access to clean water. In 2011, a group of private water operators have collaboratively established a water supply association known as “Cambodian Water Supply Association” or “CWA” in order to build strong synergy and collective willingness and commitment to professionalize, to advocate, and to share equal opportunity among water operators with the common goal on “everyone must have access to clean and safe water”. With this goal, we would contribute to poverty reduction as addressed in the government strategy. The Cambodian Water Supply Association exists to put our eorts to address all relevant water supply issues faced by
our members. It’s the kind of thing that’s very dificult to do without the participation of our members. Therefore, we can provide you with new knowledge, professional development opportunities, mentoring opportunities, and solving your dilemmas! As president of the CWA, I would like to invite you to get involved as a member, sponsor, contributor, or as part of our journey to move forward for better services for our customers and Cambodian population who are waiting for the good quality of water inside their houses.

Best wishes,

About CWA

Cambodian Water Supply Association (CWA) is an independent, non-profit and non-political organization which brings together all private water suppliers in Cambodia and acts in the interest of the members of the Association.

CWA was established on 28 December 2011 by a group of Cambodian private water operators and under the financial and technical supports of USAID Cambodia-MSME Project. It was legally granted the license by the Ministry of Interior on 06 August 2012.

CWA has 280 members in which 247 members are private water operators operate 247 water utilities in 23 provinces in Cambodia​ and 33 members are the private company who sell products related to water.

CWA’s vision is for the Cambodian people everywhere can access clean and safe water in accordance to the Cambodian water quality standards.

CWA’s mission statement as per their statutes are:

  • Support and promote mutual cooperation among private water operator in Cambodia
  • Enhance knowledge and technical skills based upon leading practices in Cambodia.
  • Encourage the sustainability expansion of water supply services in Cambodia by private water operators.
  • Coordinate and encourage as well as build mutual understanding with all the related sector at local and international level
  • A resource center of technical training support and business management to Domestic Private Water Operators (DPWOs) enable them to assure the sustainability and standardize water supply to Cambodian people
  • Enhance the capacity of water operators and provide assistance for loan preparation from financial institution
  • Represent the interest of DPWOs and assist their works with the government, developmental partners, and private sector.
  • An information center of the clean water sector and sharing center of professional practices among private water operators in Cambodia

Create and enable an environment of collaboration and learning among private water operators or national and international stakeholders in the water sector irrespective to their political affiliation.

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